Guinness Draught

June 4, 2008 by Aaron Goldfarb | Filed under Brewer: Guinness, Country: Ireland, Grade: B-, Style: Stout.

4.2% ABV on draught

Needed a midday quaff to still (steel?) my nerves and an $8 (!) Guinness pint from an overpriced and empty corporate midtown NYC pub seemed like the perfect choice. I used to drink Guinness a lot when I was a younger lad but now not so much. Maybe it’s cause I don’t have as many Irish friends as I used to. Thick and milky but not as potent and heavy as I recall. I used to think myself a badass for polishing off five of these during a happy hour. Now I realize at 4.2% that wasn’t much of a feat. Quite frankly, I don’t find the beer that tasty or flavorable any more. No hops, no bite, and thus very drinkable. Probably why it was so beloved during my salad drinking days. Nowadays, I think I might enjoy drinking this more for the memories, the aesthetic, and the process than for anything else. I enjoy watching the bartender use the slow two-step process to pull it. I’m tickled when a cloverleaf is swirled into the top of the head to finish the pour off. But I don’t really love this beer any more. And, I’m certainly not one of those American douchebags who visited Dublin once during their junior year of college and now will spend the next 70 years of their drinking lives telling any one that will listen how much better Guinness is in Dublin. How us dumb Americans get a poorer quality product than they do across the pond. How we drink it too cold here. Or too hot. Or in the wrong, wrong, very wrong glass! How our stupid bartenders don’t even pour it correctly! FUCK, that one week in Dublin was awesome! You Yanks just don’t get it!!!


3 Responses to “Guinness Draught”

  1. Andy says:

    Right on Aaron. I too find it hilarious about folks (including my Dad) that say Guiness is so much better in Ireland. I will always have a special place for Guiness as it was my favorite beer for a long time, until I discovered other brewers. Its a great “gateway beer”

  2. Used to be my favorite beer too in my early 20s. Totally agree it’s a gateway beer from macros to better stuff.

    And believe me, even mildy bashing Guinness gets you so much flack. It’s crazy.

  3. CB WIll says:

    Being in my early 20’s and Guinness being my favorite beer I have to agree with everything said above. “Gateway Beer” is probably the best term I have heard in a long time because for me it is totally true. I started with the shit out there in high school, Beast Ice (sorry) and Natty Light (sorrier). Than I tried other things and eventually settled on Guinness, I loved it and I still do. Since then I have started brewing my own beers and try to find brews with real flavor. Gotta love my gateway beer too tho.

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