Brau Brothers Strawberry Wheat

October 3, 2008 by Aaron Goldfarb | Filed under Brewer: Brau Brothers, Country: America, Grade: C plus, Style: Fruit Beer.

4% ABV

The Captain knows I’m a sissy that likes fruity beers, a fruit that likes sissy beers on occasion, so he made sure to throw one in the Minnesota brew box.

Can’t recall ever having a strawberry beer, but I could be forgetting. Brau Brother’s Strawberry Wheat comes in a super-sharp bottle that looks like something you’d typically find a meant-to-seem-old-timey root beer in.

Pours a golden macro-pour, quite bubbly. Smell is fantastic though, rich in strawberry odor. A decent flavor too. Not half bad. A muted strawberry hint. The weak part is the wheat base. Doesn’t taste like a wheat beer at all. More like a lager. And the 4% ABV is kinda pathetic. It’s not great. I wish it had either more strawberry flavor, or more wheat flavor, or more al-kee-hawl in it. Or better yet, all three. Now there’s a good idea. If only I had a brother to open a brewery with.

And with that…I’m done.  I’ve reviewed all the Minnesota beers I got a month or so ago.  I think it was a very fruitful beer swap for the both of us, and I think there will be more in our future.


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  1. Dave says:

    One bottle of Theobroma is waiting for me. After telling the owner two weeks ago to hold me at least 2 he forgot. I called today to see if they got it in and he said theres only one on the shelf. So I nicely said hey can you go get it for me and hold it thanks. He always messes up.

  2. Nice!

    A VA friend of mine snagged two bottles. Unfortunately, I’m not seeing him til early November so I probably won’t get to drink it until then. The anticipation is killing me.

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