Mamma Mia! Pizza Beer

December 4, 2008 by Aaron Goldfarb | Filed under Brewer: Pizza Beer Company, Country: America, Grade: D-, Style: Spiced Beer, Video Reviews.

4.6% ABV bottled

From my Top 10 Least Wanted List, the beer steeped with pizza!

A very rare, very special, first time ever, first time only, Vice Blog video post. Read on to find out why.




And here’s the pervert that orchestrated this bet!


23 Responses to “Mamma Mia! Pizza Beer”

  1. Dave says:

    Hah nice! My girlfriend just got a camera. So videos should start popping up on my site soon too.

  2. I enjoyed it. Cut my posting time down to like 3 minutes! Or, in theory it should have if I wasn’t a retard and could have easily figured out how to embed videos.

  3. Taco Town Dave says:

    Possible new catch phrases:

    1) “Let’s get on with it”

    2) “It’s…It’s not good”

  4. You’re not truly a star until you have a catch phrase! Maybe that will be the name of my Food Network beer show…

    “It’s…It’s Not Good with Aaron Goldfarb”

  5. Taco Town Dave says:

    You should do these after having about 5 or 6 beers in you already. Also, I think you need an ear ring, make ya more Anthony Bourdain-ish.

  6. You assume I didn’t have 5 or 6 in me?

    Actually, I’d only had 3. And a Chef’s Salad.

    What til you see the next video blog on tap.

  7. Dirtyspeed says:

    Video blog.. taking it to a whole other level.

    “It’s…It’s not good”


  8. In retrospect D- may have been generous. I felt pretty ill this morning and I attribute it to Mamma Mia!

  9. Taco Town Dave says:

    “What til you see the next video blog on tap.”

    Full frontal?

  10. Aaron says:

    Even worse.

    I don’t quite have hold of the beer yet though.

  11. Mr. Acosta says:

    As your attorney, I agree with Taco Town Dave. Good idea, way to branch out with the video. But please, show visible inebriation next time. “It’s…It’s not that good” turns into “It’s…it’s not that good,” plus many obscenitites as to what it will do to you the next morning.

  12. Aaron says:

    I may have to be shitcanned to drink the next beer slated for a video post.

  13. amm002 says:

    Nice work on the videos. I’m glad the label clarifies it’s from the “original” Seefurth family. Thought it might be from those imposters.

  14. I’m hoping the Seefurths will soon come out with a calzone beer. Perhaps a garlic bread lager?

    Forgot to mention in my post that the bottle proudly proclaims: “So good it deserves a wine glass.”

  15. amm002 says:

    I don’t think this is even on BA. Sounds like it ranks up there with Bud Light Chalada. Is this some local novelty somewhere?

  16. amm002 says:

    Dude…this is homebrewed beer! Check out their website, some guy is just making this in his basement. They actually put a real pizza in the mash tun. My god.

  17. I’ve seen the video, it’s like a snuff film. I knew what I was getting into!

  18. Andy From Mario's says:

    Pizza beer MY IDEA! You steal pizza beer, you sleep with the won-ton!!!

  19. Ahhh so, Andy get good idea, make whole line of Chinese pizzas! Eggroll pizza, Hot in Sour Soupza, Poo poo platter pizza. Andy get rich, no longer have to live above Mario’s garage like Asian Arthur Fonzarelli.

  20. amm002 says:

    That’s it…I’m ordering Dominos this weekend and making my own pizza beer.

  21. Captain, I don’t think it would be hard to dominate the pizza beer field. At the least, you’ll have the 2nd best in the world. And that ain’t so bad.

  22. Maria says:

    Hahahaha! That’s awesome!

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