Aventinus Weizen-Eisbock (2008)

April 28, 2009 by Aaron Goldfarb | Filed under Brewer: Schneider, Country: Germany, Grade: A plus, Style: Wheat (Hefeweizen).

12% ABV bottled (#28600)

Last year a friend introduced me to Aventinus and I quickly fell in love with it, making the German brew one of those beers that I must have frequently.  I’m a man that gets off on novelty in all aspects of life and that is especially true of beer.  Even the beers I love I don’t drink more than a few times a year, much rather preferring to roll the dice with something new, yet I still manage to have Aventinus at least once a month.  Which shows how very much I like that beer.

Thus, I was quite intrigued when I found this semi-special bottling of Aventinus on the shelf at Whole Foods.  It looked pretty similar to the original with its iconic purple label.  The only difference seemed to be the limited edition numbering on the back.  As I’ve mentioned once before, I’m a huge sucker for gimmicks, so there was zero chance I wouldn’t pick up a specially numbered bottle, no matter what was inside.

When I got home, I did my research to discover just exactly how this bottling differed.  And, straight from the brewer’s website it’s story-tellin’ time:

Aventinus, the Wheat Doppelbock of Bavaria, has always been known to be the most intense and complex wheat beer in the world. This was the case for the past sixty years, but not anymore…

Up until the 1940’s, Aventinus was shipped all over Bavaria in containers lacking temperature control. Consequently, the precious drink partially froze during transportation. Unaware that the brew was concentrated by the separation of water from the liquid. People were baffled by this unique version of Aventinus. By chance, the first Aventinus Eisbock was created.  Well aware of this story, Hans Peter Drexler, brewmaster of the Schneider brewery, decided to recreate this classic “mistake” in a modern controlled facility. Thus, the Aventinus Eisbock is reborn sixty years later… Prost!

Certainly sounded intriguing.  And, with 8% “normal” Aventinus a top 100 beer, “supersized” Aventinus might bring me to orgasm.  Or at least make me Prost! in my pants.

My first sip of supersized Aventinus punched me in the back of the throat and I started coughing and snorting like some junior high kid taking his first hit from a bong.  After I composed myself, I greedily went back to the teet for more.  Goddamn was this good.  Packed with banana flavors, like liquized bubble gum and, oh so freaking boozy.  The smell, consistancy, and taste of a port wine, perhaps a Belgian dubbel, or we could just say a wheat barleywine, with hints of dark fruits and spices.  Phenomenal.

I am so glad an act of kismet–or marketing gimmickry–caused me to grab this beer because it is one of the best I’ve had this year.  Hell, it may be in my top ten of all time.  I’m gonna be stocking up on it while it is still around.  If you love Aventinus, you’ll be floored by this.  Hard to believe Aventinus can get even better but with this it has and it is.


4 Responses to “Aventinus Weizen-Eisbock (2008)”

  1. Jay says:

    I got this as a present from someone recently and it’s in the on-deck circle for me to possibly drink this weekend. Your review certainly makes me want to do so – except for the “coughing and snorting” part. I’m going to gingergly sip it. When I had the regular Aventinus Eisbock in 2006, I was just learning about weirdo beers & I HATED it – totally excited to see what it’s going to do to me this time.

  2. I throw back regular Aventinus like a session beer and I expected the same from this for some reason, so my first gulp was a big one and not a dainty sip as would best befit this glorious brew.

    This is definitely a big bold beer and I could certainly understand people not liking it. But I like to pummel my palate so I obviously adored it. I’ll be curious what you think about it.

  3. settlesdown says:

    Ahhh yes. The Aventinus Eisbock. Fanfreakintastic. I bought my cousin a bottle of Aventinus Vintage 2003 for Christmas and it was soooo much better than the regular. Bold words, I know. If you can find it, well you know what to do. Anyway, good find my friend!

    Oh BTW, I picked up a 4 pack of the Founder’s Kentucky Breakfast this weekend and a mixed case of New Glarus beer. I’ll let you know how those are. Maybe I’ll post it.

  4. What New Glarus? I’ve got an upcoming review for the Raspberry Tart and I have the Iced Barleywine sitting around the house.

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