The First Annual Boxes of Beer Pool

March 12, 2010 by Aaron Goldfarb | Filed under Boxes of Beer.

We’ve all been entering NCAA tournament pools for years if not decades.  $10, $20, win, usually lose, big deal.  They’re fun, sure, but I got a better idea.  With a suggestion from friend of the Vice Blog expectingrain5 I came up with this:

An NCAA tournament pool where your entry “fee” is beer.

So here’s the deal, to get into this tournament pool you just need to offer up a nice local beer from wherever you live.  Doesn’t have to be rare, doesn’t have to be expensive, doesn’t even have to be good (although, what kinda dickhead would offer up a shitty beer?)  You live in Wisconsin, offer up a bottle or two of New Glarus.  California, how about some Russian River?  I will probably offer a fancypants New York beer (Black Ops, hmmm?)  Now I’m not saying you have to be as generous of course.  I don’t want this be a burden or expensive.  A bottle or two of beer, plus shipping, will cost you max $10-15, around the same as any NCAA office pool.

Here’s our private group, “Boxes of Beer

Password is of course:  beer

No one’s forcing you to enter, so please, if you do enter, don’t be a jerk and not live up to your end of the bargain if and when you most likely lose.  I’ll be really pissed if that happens.  And I’ll be insanely jealous at the thought of the winner receiving box after box after box of beers all throughout April.

If you enter, please leave a comment below telling us your entry name.  It might also be fun to speculate what beer(s) you might send to the winner should you lose.  Also, use your real e-mail address when you comment.  No one can see that but me, and that way I can collect e-mail addresses to create a master list for our group.


(And let’s go Syracuse!!!!)


Two notes because I’m getting some questions:

*This isn’t only for beer bloggers.  Any one is free to enter and I gladly welcome you.  You just need to offer a local beer.

*And, of course, you must be 21 or older.  My lawyers are making me say that.  If you’re 18 or older though you can still date me.  My lawyers also made me say that.

41 Responses to “The First Annual Boxes of Beer Pool”

  1. Dave says:

    You can probably guess mine. But it’s Drunkenpolack

  2. Nick B. (Chel Chel Boom) says:

    This is awesome. I live outside Philly…thinking of something from Victory…

  3. Expectingrain says:

    Something by Flying Fish- most likely Exit 1 or 16.

  4. A few people have registered for the group but not left a comment. I just wanted to make a master list of e-mail addresses so I could keep in touch with the group to either get your address if you win, or tell you the winner’s address if you lose.

    You can also e-mail me if you’d rather:

    theviceblog [at]

  5. Sean says:

    brilliant idea, I’m in. Winner gets a Flying Fish from me as well. Expectingrain, maybe we should coordinate our entry fee

  6. Perhaps after a winner is declared we can each state what were giving so there’s no overlaps.

  7. Expectingrain says:

    Sean no problem. Have you had the Exit Series yet? I loved 4 & 11. Haven’t had 1 or 16. Have you been to the brewery for a tour? Awesome group of people there.

  8. Sean says:

    I have had them all except the new one, Exit 16. In my humble opinion, Exit 1 was the best. Not much oyster flavor, but a damn fine stout.

  9. Sean says:

    Aaron, rather than having a master list of what we are giving, maybe those of from the same states/regions can coordinate so we don’t overlap. Part of the appeal for the winner is going to be opening each box and getting a surprise. It will be a month full of christmas mornings.

    It is a moot point anyway. I am winning this bitch.

  10. Cool. We’ll just play it by ear. Coordinate it once we see who has signed up and who has won. I really want to get the entrants to 50 people. That would be amazing.

  11. henderan says:

    Count me in, Steve French from Minnesota

  12. Glad to have you Steve–someone’s gonna win a lot of beers from MN. Hope it’s me!

  13. Aaron says:

    I’m in. Can of Michelob Golden Light. Or maybe Surly Darkness.

  14. Dave says:

    If you pick Syracuse to go all the way Aaron you aren’t winning anything =)

  15. I couldn’t respect myself if I went against the family. Cuse all the way!

  16. Sean says:

    My picks are in, and I am trying to recruit others to get involved as well.

    Hey Expectingrain (BTW cool Dylan reference) have you had any of the beers made by Boaks in North Jersey? Good stuff, I may go with some of those instead of the Exit series

  17. Expectingrain says:

    Sean- Not only have I not had Boaks, I haven’t even seen it in the store. I guess it hasn’t made its way to South Jersey yet. If I see some I’ll try it out though. There’s another brewery in NJ opening soon- NJ Brewing Company so hopefully our state is catching up a little on the brewing front.

  18. Sean says:

    I am fairly certain that if Baylor takes out Duke today, I win the whole shebang. If Duke wins, and robs me of this glorious victory and the spoils that go with it, my hatred for Duke and Coach KKKKKrsdjghksrjgrsk or however you spell his name, will finally consume me and make me a Sith Lord

  19. Sean says:

    God, I hate duke

  20. Guess you spoke too soon, Sean. Who has the inside track for victory now?

  21. Sean says:

    Yeah, I jinxed myself. I could taste those beers. I hate when I do that almost as much as I hate Duke.

    Taking into account that I suck at Math, I think it breaks down like this: If Duke wins on saturday, Dead Rabbits wins it all, no matter what happens in the title game. If WV wins saturday, but loses the title game, Batch22 wins. WV wins the national title, I win.

    Did I mention that I hate Duke?

  22. Expectingrain says:

    Sean- You or I have a pretty high chance of winning– I’m open to a 50/50 splitting deal- what do you think?

    PS I hate Duke too, it pains me to root for them.

  23. Expectingrain says:

    On a separate note- thank you to the Vice Blogger for doing this- hopefully we can have more beer exchange contests in the future.

  24. Yeah, it was as semi-inspired idea and–assuming the boxes are mailed off without a hitch–quite the success. Now we’ll have to figure out a way to have another Boxes of Beer contest sometime even before the 2011 NCAAs.

  25. Sean says:

    I have no problem with a 50/50 deal, though the logistics may be tough to work out. We can try to figure it out.

    Aaron, the world cup is this summer. I am sure ESPN Internationale will have brackets that could be used.

    As for Duke, I take some small consolation that their football team sucks ass, and the Duke coeds are supposed to be the fugliest in the ACC.

  26. As I huge international soccer fan, I think the WC is a great idea. Now, assuming the shipping and receiving beers of this contest goes off without a hitch–and assuming has a contest–we’ll definitely do it.

  27. Sean says:

    ESPN already has the World Cup brackets set up.

  28. Expectingrain says:

    Sean- we’re on for 50/50 — if we win there should be 14 people to send- we could just divide them up and have 7 send to you and 7 to me. Shouldn’t be too tough to do, hopefully. This will let me root against Duke which is good too.

  29. Sean says:

    that works for me. Let’s try to make the split even geographically to the greatest extent possible so we get a good split.

    You do realize that our making these arrangements is jinxing WVU and guaranteeing that those fuck buttons from Duke are going to win, right?

  30. Sean says:

    which would mean that you’d win. Christ I am tired

  31. Expectingrain says:

    Sean- no problem on breaking it up geographically. Now we can, root for the Couch Burners in peace :-)
    Whoever mentioned the World Cup pool– I know absolutely nothing about soccer– but I’m in. It will give me a reason to watch.

  32. I got everyone’s email addresses. Once it’s all clinched, I’ll send a mass email so we can discuss prize dispersal.

  33. Sean says:

    If I am calculating this correctly, if Duke wins, Expecting Rain is the winner. If Duke loses, Raging Bow Owners is the winner.
    As Rain and I have already agreed to split the winnings, I am put in the position of having to root for Duke which I have never done, and had you asked me a few weeks ago, I would have said it would have been impossible. I am looking at this a win-win for me. Duke wins, I get some tasty beers. If Duke loses, DUKE LOSES. Either way, I win.

  34. NP says:

    AG + friends, any chance I could get in on the WC pool?

  35. Him says:

    I also would like in on the World Cup pool. Also, does the beer have to be from a local place? Can it be a foreign beer that is one of our favorites? Just found your blog thanks to Brooklyn Brewery link to you. Great stuff.

  36. No, not necessarily. We’re totally loose about that. Just don’t want someone sending off something like a Boston Lager that any one could easily acquire.

  37. mcollinsie says:

    I’d love to get in on the WC pool if possible. I was sent the link to the Dark Matter blog. Excellent!

  38. Him says:

    Understood. I would like in on the pool, is that still possible? Also, if I have a few friends that love beer that expressed interest.(a few actually love soccer too) Both local and in California that I have exchanged beer with. Let me know the steps! Thanks.

  39. World Cup pool hasn’t even been announced yet.

  40. […] We’ve all been entering NCAA tournament pools for years if not decades.  $ 10, $ 20, win, usually lose, big deal.  They’re fun, sure, but last year I had a better idea. […]

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