The Second Annual Boxes of Beer NCAA Tournament Pool

March 12, 2011 by Aaron Goldfarb | Filed under Boxes of Beer.

We’ve all been entering NCAA tournament pools for years if not decades.  $10, $20, win, usually lose, big deal.  They’re fun, sure, but last year I had a better idea.

An NCAA tournament pool where your entry “fee” is beer.

So here’s the deal, to get into this tournament pool you just need to offer up a nice local beer from wherever you live.  Doesn’t have to be rare, doesn’t have to be expensive, doesn’t even have to be good (although, what kinda dickhead would offer up a shitty beer?)  You live in Wisconsin, offer up a bottle or two of New Glarus.  California, how about some Russian River?  I will probably offer a fancypants New York beer (Black Ops, hmmm?)  Now I’m not saying you have to be as generous of course.  I don’t want this be a burden or expensive.  A bottle or two of beer, plus shipping, will cost you max $10-15, around the same as any NCAA office pool.  The picture above is just a portion of winner John Martin’s haul during this year’s NFL Boxes of Beer contest.

Here’s our private group, “Boxes of Beer”

Password is of course:  beer

No one’s forcing you to enter, so please, if you do enter, don’t be a jerk and not live up to your end of the bargain if and when you most likely lose.  I’ll be really pissed if that happens.  And I’ll be insanely jealous at the thought of the winner receiving box after box after box of beers all throughout April.

If you enter, you must send an email to associate commissioner Mike Zambotti at mjz119


(And let’s go Syracuse!!!!)

Aaron Goldfarb

*You must be 21 or older to enter.

**And, buy a copy of HOW TO FAIL if you haven’t yet.  Come on, it’s all I ask.

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