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I’m not a beer snob, I’m not even sure if I’m a beer “aficionado,” I’m just a guy that likes to drink beer and is always looking for new and exotic ones to try to and love. I’m also a guy with strong opinions on the beers I drink. I may not always drink my brews “the right way.” I may use the incorrect glassware (“A pilsner in a snifter glass?! Heavens to Betsy!”), I may drink it when I’m far too drunk to appreciate it, I may “pair” my quality beer with a Hot Pocket, and I may quickly scribble down my “tasting notes” on a cocktail napkin in between hitting on some girls. But I still say, it’s better to drink a glorious beer in a shitty environment than a shitty beer in a glorious environment. I’ve spent years trying to convince my friends to throw away their crummy macros–is there anything funnier than two people arguing about whether Bud Light or Miller Light is a better brew?–in favor of quality craft stuff. And now I’m here to convince the world.

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  1. Rashad Khan says:

    Corona is NOT the most disgusting beer on the planet, and shame on you for your blasphemy, you West Coast-hater you. (Loser.)

  2. Ronnie says:

    Corona = Donkey Piss……. and when I can manage to drink it, it must be during summer.

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